Cleaning at home can be quite tiring for some people. It gives most of us a headache for sure. However, imagine a home that is full of clutter. The notion of it sounds even more stressful, right? So it would be best that every now and then, we should take time to clean the house so that we would not get shocked by how clutter dominates our homes all of a sudden.

spring cleaning

So here are some quick tips that could help you in your spring cleaning routine:


spring cleaningFirst and foremost, you should clean from the top down to the floor. It is really important to start from the ceiling because you would not want the dirt to go back again, right? For instance, even if no matter how much effort would you exert to clean the floor; the dirt would still come back once you go to the part when you have to clean the ceiling.

In this instance, you should clean the ceiling first by simply putting off some cab webs or dusting off the ceiling. The, you can move over to the next few things on the higher level such as the book shelves, mirrors, picture frames, tables, fire place, windows, and all other stuff that you think would collect dust the most. You can clearly observe this as you would wander around your home for sure.


spring cleaning

Then, it would be nice to clean the bath room next. Make sure of the important parts of the bath room that you should clean. Of course, start with the ceiling down to the floor. Keep in mind as well to clean the mirrors, toilets, shower room, sink, and even the tub as well. These are the most important things that you should be mindful of because it directly affects our health as we would use the comfort room almost all of the time.



spring cleaning

If you have an office at home, it would be ideal to sort some things out so that you would have a good space as you work. It would also be good to let go of the things that are no longer useful for you. You can have a garage sale, or you can donate these things if it can still be benefited by others. Right after sorting everything out, you can still do the basic thing and principle in cleaning.




spring cleaning

This is truly the most important part of the house. The kitchen is the place where you would directly put something in your mouth and inside your body. It is important that the kitchen should be the cleanest and most clutter-free part of your house. This is where you and your family or friends and guests would have the time to eat. So it should be clean so that you would not get sick because of the food that you take.

Be mindful of the fridge, the sink, and the appliances as well. It is important to clean the fridge every now and then to make sure that the food that you would store would be free from harmful substances or else you would be putting yourself and your family at risk for being poisoned. You should take note as well that the sink is the place where you would put some dishes. So better be sure to keep it clean at all times so that there would be no cockroach or anything dirty that would accumulate in this part of your kitchen. You can use a mixture of sugar and water to help you wipe off and eliminate the dirt. This would also make your kitchen shinier and brilliant again.


spring cleaning

This is probably one of the most neglected parts of the house. However, we should also keep this in mind because this is a part of the house that would help maintain a good ventilation. So keep it free from dusk. You can surely make use of a newspaper then sprinkle water and vinegar on it to take off the dust easily. It is actually easier to use than some piece of cloth. With a piece of cloth, the dirt and dust would not be eliminated totally. Some of them would still remain because it would stick on the cloth.



spring cleaning

The first thing that you should do is sweep the dusts off from the floor. Furthermore, the easiest thing that you can do in wiping off the dirt on your floor is using the same technique with cleaning your sink and windows. You can use a vinegar and water especially if your floor is made out of some nice and wonderful tiles. You can simply wipe off the dust immediately and it would be a quick process. Also make sure that if you have a carpet, just use a vacuum to clean it off. But if you are having some trouble because of some unwanted stains, then you can simply put the damaged area with some baking soda. You would surely see the difference of how wonderfully it looks as if it was done by orlando carpet cleaning.

These are just some of the simple steps that you can also follow and apply at home during your spring cleaning routine. By doing these things, you can actually enjoy and have fun in cleaning your home. It would no longer make you feel annoyed or bothered by cleaning your home. Just imagine that cleaning your home would be really beneficial for your mind, for your mental state, and for your body. If you want to be safe from different sickness or diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, then be sure to start planning on how when and where would you start cleaning at your home.

Just remember the basic principle in cleaning: start cleaning from the top down to your floor. It would really help you a lot in so many ways for faster and for high quality of cleaning.

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